Sunday, March 6, 2011

Getting There

I always have such good intentions of keeping this up so Kev and Steph can see what we are up to, but somehow time gets by.
After months of hot summery weather today is aweful, wet (farmers are delighted) and cold, I have just lit the fire much to Dave's surprise as he is in a tee-shirt but I have started to get cold. Partly due to the fact that I have spent a couple of hours patchworking- I am behind the rest of the class so trying to catch up. Learning to patchwork was one of the new activities I was determined to take up as part of our new life, well return to the Wairarapa.

Since my last blog, we have carpet, a nearly completed fence outside the bathroom to add a level of privacy to lying back in the bath and enjoying the view, and as you can see from above one of the  spare rooms is setup.
We have had the builder who is a dab hand at driving large excavation machines back with a digger to spread the piles of topsoil. The grass will be sown early April for a autumn lawn.

We have no piles in the front
of the house now and no piles
at the back blocking the lovely
view from the lounge. But oh the dust!!!

Our bedroom is finished bar the pictures on the wall, mirror still sitting on the floor waiting to be hung and we won't mention the ensuite.
I have ordered the blinds for the house in preparation for what I think is going to be a cold winter. Well if we follow the international trend of extreme weather it is on the cards. Same colour as the carpet.

As a temporary measure until we have our walled garden built Dave filled the area between the block wall and the deck outside the living area so I could plant some greens. We have spinach, silver beet, broad beans and parsley already up.

Now the really exciting news is we finally collected our beehive. Twilight we drove the half hour to Carol and Ians place to load our hive. Ian had it well prepared, tied together and the entry closed off with a clump of grass. Twilight the bees are at home and ready for bed.

We had had many discussions about where these bees were to be until their permanent home in the walled vege/orchard garden. Concerned, over concerned that they would be very exposed to the winds we decided to put them beside the back of the house. In near dark we unloaded them and left the bung in the door to orientate them to their new residence. Next morning still in pyjamas I went out and removed the bung. By the time we had finised breakfast 1000's of bees were flying in and out the hive and suddenly we felt their protection from the wind was less important than my safety going to the clothesline.

We gave ourselves time to think while at work.

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Anonymous said...

You and Dave have done so well and the house is looking wonderful. The quilts look fantastic and good luck with the bees Sandy.
Much love Sheryl and Andrew xx