Monday, June 6, 2011

Unpacking Continues, boxes full of surprises

Remember my last post referred to the rosehip syrup, well I have added a photo, colour is stunning and full of health properties. Hips must be crushed to release colour and flavour.

And the Blackboy peaches I got from a friend and preserved.

The light above the dining table was made by Dave. I showed him one nothing like this, but ply and large from a magazine and away he went, there is a pair but only one has made it to the ceiling.

The scullery remains a work in progress like so many things in the house. Dave is putting up a stainless steel shelf after he had to reduce its length as I bought it too large.
The kitchen is nearing completion, the photos are not very good as I took them at night. We bought this kitchen second hand as an ex-display and we have only used about the half the original benchtop. Partly because we had a little accident moving the 5 metre length and partly because it was too dominating in the space. It still remains very large and a delight for us. Remember we also have a scullery through the door to the right.
 The red glass splashback adds a bit of drama. The stove was another trademe buy, 2/3rds of the new price, so thearitically second hand but never used and still in its wooden crate. Falcon stoves are english and made by Aga. I love it. The matching Falcon extractor was again a trademe buy, second hand but again still in its original packaging. People buy these things with the best of intentions then life takes another path and they resell them. We made very good savings on items like this.
A bit of art finally goes on the walls this weekend. We unpacked and discovered pictures we had forgotten we owned. It was so nice to hang some photos of Kev and Hailey, makes it feel like home more than ever.  I need to get hold of some of Kev's OE photos and frame them. His big smile always makes you want to laugh with him.  The scales on top of the little cabinet we purchased at an antique market in France. Weigh 8 kilos and we were flying Ryanair that limits your luggage to 15 kilos each and we had 3 flights to take with these scales. It was the dumbest thing we ever did. We had to buy a huge basket and pack them into it and with only hand luggage allowed we had to carry it on every flight. Can laugh about it now.
Trolley full of memories. My maternal grandfather posted me that silver from Invercargill to Carterton in an old cardboard box wrapped in his old worksocks. The teapot bent as the day it arrived and the little food warmer belonged to his parents, my great grandparents and were wedding presents.  Silver requires regular polishing but it looks nice when clean.
When I tire of the cleaning they all go back into cupboards and get replaced by something less demanding, however, at the moment I am in the appreciate silver mode.

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