Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Library gets a Bookcase

We decided we needed to get on and get the bookshelves made as we had boxes of books in the garage, not the best way to store paper.

We looked in the yellow pages and found two possible cabinet makers, rung one and they said they would contact in a week, still waiting. Contacted Daryl from Millard Joinery and he was up next day, good start. We took to him immediately, nice nature, shared ideas and talked through the possible materials we could use. Of course ply was Dave's first choice, I was keener on a painted surface. When the quote came, ply was half the price so ply it was.
Initially we were only going to have shelves built into the wall spaces we had left for the purpose of built-in shelves, ie. no wall linings put up. But after talking to Daryl and thinking about the purpose of the room we decided to continue the unit around the room and under the window.
On the other end we left a large space for a televison to be hung, so you see plugs half way up the wall, that is for the tele power and aerial. Currently displaying the copper B & B sign.

Good reason to start collecting again, oh how I miss the marvellous Manukau Library books sales, was always picking up great books for just 50c copy. Have partly filled with books, forgotten I had some of them. Because you find yourself tired of packing and moving time and time again, I gave away so many of my books. The Op shop did very well, now I wish I had kept the faith and kept my books as I have plenty of storage space now.  to haunt the Heart Foundation and Rotary book sales.

We had this fire put in the library to heat that end of the house. It only takes a few logs to efficiently heat quite a large area and it has a wet-back fitted.

Despite the winter I have tried to make a little headway with the garden. Dave and I need to get the protective fence built to keep the gale force wind at bay. But it comes down to time, last weekend we went to Auckland to visit Kev and Stephanie home from their OE. It was such a nice weekend seeing him and spending time with both Hailey and Kev. Had a nice birthday dinner for Hailey's Dave.
Planted a cherry, apricot and pear tree, planted the raspberries that have spent three years in a pot and the strawberries from the strawberry tubs.
Looks terrible, but come spring, some gravel down, fence up and some dry weather it will look more inviting. This will be my photographic record of progress.

The bees don't seem to be bothered by the winter, the hive reduces its number naturally to survive but it only takes a warm day and out they come. Cleaning themselves and collecting pollen, they are amazing workers. I can waste so much time just observing them. This little one landed on a piece of carpet I keep on the top to try and insulate from the cold.

And we have had the first show of snow on the Tararuas, despite the weather being pretty fine and not that cold.

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