Friday, August 16, 2013

The Daffodils Are Out

A few months ago I planted 100 mixed daffodils around my vege garden fence and in two pots. To my absolute delight they have begun flowering.

The miniature daffodils I purchased last year during Cartertons Daffodil Day as a floral table decoration. Once it had died back I simply put the pot under a tree until I replanted them into this old cooking pot with some freesias that flower later.

The daffodils I planted against the fence line. Each year I will plant 100 bulbs around the garden as I love the bulb as a sign of spring.
My blood orange is once again fruiting madly, the fruit is sweet, juicy and delicious. And home grown, so satisfying to eat your own food.

The winter has been so mild we have not used half our firewood and now we are only lighting the library fire at night. Choosing this fire as it heats the water at the same time. Lets hope we get a repeat of last summer, long hot and and very productive.

Sadly, my bees have once again died out, despite sugar syrup feeding. They are so hard to keep alive and healthy but I will persevere.

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