Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Day It All Started

It was Xmas 2007 and we were spending it with family in the Wairarapa. As we drove out of town to return to Auckland, I mentioned in passing to Dave that land above our previous property had been subdivided and was for sale.
After a short discussion he turned the car around and we went to take a look. That was the fatal moment, once we walked onto the site we were committed. The views of the Tararuas, the open green pastures, the horses in the paddocks, the feeling of space, it had to be ours. One week later we were the owners of a one hectare block and the dreams of a retirement home began.


Hailey said...

It looks great when the sun is shining!

culecta said...

Yes but Hailey that is 365 days of the year. And we have experienced no wind up there, the builders say it has been paradise for the last three months.
But it is bitterly cold down here on the flat, the fire is an essential piece of home hardware.

Yongjie said...

Hi Sandy and Dave,

It is so excting to hear from you and share happiness with you for your new life in such a beautiful place. The surprise and happiness always come without any signs even if you you don't chase for them intentionally. Your story told me that land is deemed to be yours. Congratulations!

It is big comfort for all of us CAs getting the letter of no change. Let's go ahead with gratefulness.

I will be a loyal reader of your blog. Please keep it updated. Don't be lazy like me who leave my blog alone for about 3 months.


culecta said...

I will do my best Yongjie.