Sunday, June 6, 2010

2009 The House Design Begins

Well after selling our Auckland home we decided it was time to engage an architect, this time we wanted the home of our dreams. Well as much of a dream as we could afford. And had I mentioned it was to be a retirement dream home? Oh well you know human nature, retirement, why wait until then? Time we retire, build a house then set about planting trees we will be too old to watch them grow. No retirement became NOW!! What a process house design turned out to be. You have hundreds of ideas, products, house layouts, roof profiles, you try and consider sun orientation, insulation, double glazing, street appeal etc etc. The architect is the necessary filter of ideals. We thought ok so maybe three months to get the plans finalised and into council. What a dream that turned out to be, nearly one year later we got our building permit, well should I say building bible, it is the size of an Auckland phonebook. Sure the process is more difficult when you are having a long distance relationship with your architect. You think we can communicate by email, there are phones, but the reality is you cannot replace that going and sitting in his office and chewing the fat. Choosing a builder was a process of illimination, contact the master builders association, ask for expressions of interest and then see who seems to fit with your timeframes and personality. I am delighted to say we signed with great builders. Mark, Matt and Tony. Never mind, it is all part of the journey and in March we got underway, yeah. Such a sense of relief. The photo of the floor being prepared for pouring was taken on 2/4/2010. The weather stayed fine for three months, it seemed to be paradise.


swati said...

So good to see your new home rising. Which one is our room :) It looks like an amazing place!

culecta said...

two spare rooms for guests Swati, one facing the western hills and one facing the eastern hills.