Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Build Begins To Progress

Well the floors for the first half of the house had been poured and the concrete had hardened off over the last two weeks, so we needed to grind the surface off to expose the aggregate.
We had decided early on that exposed concrete floors throughout was our first choice. They are hard wearing, cutting edge and act as a thermal mass for heat storage.
During this period we are continuing to live and work in Auckland, communting down for this work. Over the next two months we get to know the route down the north island well.
But the 7 May arrives, my last day of work and the start of our new life. I have a week of wonderful farewells from all my colleagues and friends. Dave winds up his business and farewells his business partner Tony who will continue in his absence. We give notice on our rented house and book two self drive furniture trucks to move ourselves south.
I am not even going to dwell on that week. Enough to say without our dearest friends Eugene and Val the move would have been impossible. They organised manpower at the Auckland end and friends here helped at this end. Self packing is by far cheaper but physically and emotionally exhausting. And running out of diesel on the National Park is not anyones idea of heaven. Thank god for decent human beings who work at the sawmill between Ohakune and Waiouru. Just another chapter in the story of life.
And now we are residing in a rented house in the Wairarapa waiting and watching in anticipation of our new house.
This is the view from the library kindly taken by my sister and sent to me during the packing period to remind me why we were doing this.
In two weeks I start a new and exciting job here in Masterton. Dave becomes the builders labourers.

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