Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Roof and Patios

The second week of June has seen steady progress despite the often inclement weather. It was a great feeling to see the rain disappear and the Allied Concrete truck, the PC concrete boys and the pump truck arrive to pour and level the patios. The size of the patios is much larger than I imagined but will allow for large dining table and plenty of chairs. It will look good when the steel work goes up in the near future. Wait for the surprise.
The concrete boys know how to work, it was cold and softer souls would have jacked it in, but no they were good hardy guys who got on with it, smiled and joked the whole time.
The patio on the front and side took 8 cubic metres and the front porch not shown took another 3. Dave plans to grind these areas to match the indoors. So you get indoor and outdoor flow both visually and physically. We still have the channel between the indoors and outdoors to resolve. A council requirement.
And we have wooden decks to build yet.
To the right is our three builders putting on the first roofing iron. Every new development gives you a buzz, it was pleasing to see some iron going on, you feel like it is starting to take shape. The colour is ebony or black to those of us who like simple language. Get used to ebony, there is going to be alot of it.
Yes Mark is as pleased as us, King of the Mountain.
It's a bit like being on top of the world when you stand on the roof.
Next will be the rest of the frames!! Watch this space.

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