Monday, June 28, 2010

In Come the Cranes

It has been a couple of weeks since my last blog. Dave and I sadly attended our son-on-laws dads funeral in Dargaville, a very premature end to his life.
That was followed by Dave having a spell of poor health and he has had some tests carried out on his eyesight in Wellington Hospital. So all in all a pretty disruptive few weeks.
My new job is slow to get underway as all new jobs are, but it will develop into the sort of community work I enjoy. I am surrounded by a large number of great women, various ages and abilities but all with that caring, sharing personality that I was so lucky to enjoy in Auckland.
So how has the new house progressed?
Well the Dept of Labour inspector turned up for a surprise visit, told Dave that he is the principle responsible for the health and safety on the site!! That was a surprise, we all assumed the contract builder held that responsibility and of course they all got a lengthy lecture on how to ensure their safety on the site, including height limitations, requirements for putting on the roof and so on and so on. The builder has been in construction for 16 years and this was his first experience of an inspection, typical of the luck Dave and I endure.
My first visit to the site on the day part of the steelwork went up was to say a surprise. It was so much larger and more dominating than I had imagined from talks with the architect and viewing the plans. At first I thought OMG, it looks like a school gymnasium, but after a minute rationalising the finished look to myself I soon realised it was perfect. With the panoramic view, the enormous amount of glass, the block work and high ceilings it will be drama. In the photos it is red, but when finished will be black. Imagine that will a modern black ply kitchen, minimalistic furniture, roller blinds and ground concrete floors with only a simple rug.
The steelwork has had the cross bars added since these photos and the blockwork has commenced. Dave labouriously cut 62 blocks down for the blockie, necessary because some of the blocks delivered were a different colour and he wasn't having mismatched blocks when they form part of the internal features.
The entire first section of roof was completed today in the fine weather and before the Labour Dept Inspector revisited. Yeah!! Did you put up scaffolding, of course sir.
We are going through the exercise of trying to reduce the cost of the windows, a couple of thousand makes a big difference, a weeks labour for example.
It is easier having Dave working on the site everyday because he can make instant decisions. I remember last time how energy sucking it was to work all day then come home and have to start thinking about tile colours, basins, how far does the deck go, do you want a door here. etc etc. And you end up compromising because it is easier, this time we don't want compromise for any other reason than financial.
The developer gave us a planting plan last week, we are getting extensive planting on the swale to attract the birdlife. We are particularly pleased about this and a block of large trees.
The council is also planting the verges in August, so we will have a fair amount of plants already in before we have to start planning our own contribution. We are also participating in a combined mowing plan which is both cheaper and easier. And may eliminate the need for an expensive ride-on that can climb hills.
I am so missing my vege garden, no fresh spinach to wander out and pick, no broad beans this winter and no parsley.
I think the ply arrives next to fill in the garage for some security and then Dave will be nailing up thousands of battens.

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Hailey said...

Framing looks great - can't wait to see it in person..