Monday, November 7, 2011

The Exterior Gets a Little Closer to Completion

When writing the last Blog I thought I had photos of the battens being nailed on but to my surprise the photos I thought I had taken I had not. Is it a sign of ageing?

Anyway the builders came back as they had some time so we contracted them to nail on the 3km of wooden battens. Dave and I spent every weekend painting battens to keep ahead of the builders, pretty boring I have to say. Now the entire house needs repainting for the final time to cover the nails and lay down the final coat. Dave and I know what we are doing for our summer break.

 All our hay was cut down in the weekend, ready for baling, love the lines left after it is cut down and left to dry. The dead area in the foreground Dave sprayed ready for planting.
The concrete contractor Phil claims he is coming tomorrow Tuesday to finish the driveway and parking areas out the front. Only been waiting for about 11 weeks since we agreed to his price. Came three weeks ago and poured a section then disappeared.

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