Friday, March 23, 2012

The House and Garden is Getting There

Despite a cooler than normal summer we have had a reasonably successful  summer garden, the exception has been the tomatoes. But everyone has experienced that problem.

The raspberries of the orange variety are giving us 500gms every day and the strawberries whilst being tardy in the spring are now flourishing lovely sweet large fruits.

The potato patch was truely amazing. Jersey Bennies and Cliff Kidneys were planted as they are traditionally very expensive as xmas potatoes and as boutique grown spuds. We harvested 55 kilos of potatoes, exceeded our wildest dreams as in the past we have been lucky to get half a bucket of low quality potatoes. Not a blemish on one and the flavour was something your memory of childhood vege gardens flicked back to. And all this from a 4 x 2 metre bed.

I have taken a gamble and planted another bed of red potatoes which are sold as long keepers. Despite the cool summer they are now half a metre high in late March and in flower. So I am expecting to get a second harvest.

The driveway was finally completed in January, sadly not for xmas but you need patience when you build a new home. It has really made the front yard so useable and a large turning space for vehicles on a hard surface.

And now that Kev and Steph have bought their first home in Cockle Bay Auckland I have my garage free to house my car. Such a novelty to have a garage that is not storage for kids on OE;s and their furniture.

So far this summer I have made plum sauce from plums I harvested from the local golf club, bottled apples from a tree across the paddock, quince marmalade and quince jelly from quinces given to me by a kind local and capsicum jam from 3 cheap capsicums on clearance.

And in Feb we had a large timber deck built on the front which will have a water feature developed in the space over the next few weeks.

And to separate the living space from the library and bedrooms we have had a slider with glass feature installed
It spells out all the places we have lived or have a connection with. Dave was born in Manchester and my family originate from Perthshire, Scotland even though we emigrated in 1839.

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