Saturday, April 21, 2012

One Of My Favourite Activities

One of my favourite activities is to preserve the summer glut of fruit. Jams, jellies, bottling, chutney, I love making them all.
And it is this time of the year you find others with the same passion who are so keen to share surplus fruits. Generous people have given me more quince than I could possibly eat and half the fun is finding ways to use them. Dave has loved them cooked slowly as a dessert but for me it is the perfumed quince jelly on my hot toast or a warm scone.
I have bottled 20 jars of apples from the tree in the paddock which is an old apple that cooks up so fluffy. Harvested a huge bag and took to our recycle centre as giveaways.

So far this summer I have made quince jelly, quince marmalade (a bit too sweet for me), quince chutney, plum sauce, bottled apples, bottled blackboy peaches and spiced whole blackboy peaches (nice with meats and cheese) and capsicum jam.

I have amazed myself how productive my first vege garden has been. Having moved from Auckland where the warmer climate encourages growth I was surprised at how more productive this area is for green vege. Tomatoes have been a disaster but the greens just prolific. Below is kale which I have not grown before, very nice with the coloured beets, steamed and served with red meat.

 Broccoflower attracted the white butterfly so I have occassionally applied derris dust.

 The coloured beets are so picturesque in the garden.

My orange raspberries were reasonable in the spring but masses of fruit in the autumn. I have made jam mixed with our strawberries and everyday we eat them on our muesli for breakfast and on ice cream at night for dessert.

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