Monday, August 27, 2012

A Little Bit Of Decor

It is definelty a milder winter than last year, not a sign of snow, not even some hail.

We are slowly putting up some art, cheap colourful purchases from The Warehouse, but they add colour and interest.Then I got the real harp on to Dave that I wanted the brass BB sign we had been given up on the wall between kitchen and hall. B&B could stand for Bedrooms and Bathrooms and it was a bit funky. I also have a round brass sign that says SW my maiden initials but really it stands for Studio Works, but getting that up on the kitchen wall is proving to be more difficult. Harping on is not having the desired effect.

In the garden not much has happened, it is after all winter. Sadly our lemon tree gave up on life and we had to replace it. You would think frost got it but on either side is a healthy orange and lime tree. The lemonade in the vege garden is looking pretty sad because of the wind.

The hares are hammering some of our natives, particularly the cabbage trees, don't bother with the flax but eat the cabbage trees back to the ground. We tried the milk and paint theory but very little effect.

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