Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Time Of Reflection

With excitement I am witnessing my very necessary fence getting closer to a reality. Of course in keeping with our black theme the fence is black and will be board and batten to match the house. 

I even painted the blackberry frame to coordinate with the fencing which will look wonderful after  a years growth, just cannot wait to be harvesting our own blackberries. Apple and blackberry pie, here we come.
All the fruit trees are starting to break into blossom so maybe we might get fruit this year, apples, pears, apricots, peaches; blackboy, flatto and golden queens  and a fig.
September is a big daffodil time in Wairarapa and so I have a pot of minatures on the kitchen bench.

And talking kitchens, Dave made a blackboard for reflective quotes and reminders of grocery items needed. We have a wonderfully large scullery that I use daily and is chocka with preserves, baking items, appliances and temuka pottery.

Wandering the garden I realise that the natives in the front have grown despite the hare attacks. The citrus in the front door area are once again fruiting, orange, lime, limequat, and two different lemons. I love using citrus in cooking and with a gin and soda.

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