Sunday, September 16, 2012

Every Room Tells A Story

You look longingly at house magazines and feel you can never replicate them or develop your own little areas of magic. But it is only in the eye of the beholder so I have decided to capture little nooks and crannies which I like and at the end of the day that is all that matters. My little H & G places.
Small flax with a magnolia as a centre piece in the front lawn

The large native bed at the edge of the acre planting area, hares are giving this area a real beating. The lines are our septic tank lines.

Raised beds with more seedlings added today, caulis, rocket, cabbage,  broccoli, silverbeet and I sowed beetroot.

The library is my favourite area to sit

A reminder of trips to UK, we ate at the Green Man at Putney Heath

Old push out books from my mother-in laws childhood. All kept in a suitcases in one of the spare bedrooms.

As you can see I am a Beatrix Potter nut. And I love Buzzy Bees, a real NZ icon.

And more Beatrix Potter, I bought this little bookcase with all its content from a Church Op Shop in Yorkshire. My husbands aunt gave us her wedgewood on our last visit, very cherised pieces. And who remembers the wooden men hanging off elastic across babies prams?

My wonderful children with their partners, I am the proudest mum - they are amazing adults.

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